Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Throw it away

I just threw out half of a pie, three bags of candy, a whole box of candy canes, the rest of my beloved peppermint ice cream, half a can of condensed milk, and half a liter of eggnog.  Horrified?  I was, too.  My treasure is food.  
Photo from pinmarklet on Pinterest
 “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."  Matthew 6:19-21
My treasure is food, and if my heart is where my treasure is, then my heart is on the verge of a diabetic coma.  
It started with a gentle whisper from God.  The whole day, I nibbled at the pie, drank some eggnog, ate a few pieces of candy and then cringed when I saw my bloated tummy in the mirror (and wondered if anyone would ask me if I was pregnant today--‘cause it really did look like it!).  Tonight, after eating an unbalanced dinner, I was just about to reach for something sweet to finish off the meal when I heard the whisper.
Beloved...you don’t need that...and it’s trapping you.  Give it to Me and I will free you from your bondage.
But, God...all that food will go to waste!
Beloved...throw it away.  Trust Me to provide you with food that will nourish and strengthen you instead of slowly poisoning My temple.  Honor Me...throw it away.
Okay, God.  I get it.  I will throw away all of it...except the peppermint ice cream.  Surely it’s okay if I keep that one treat just in case, right?
As I went about throwing away the pie and candy, I started to pray.  
Lord, I lay this before you and throw it away to honor You.  I want to worship you with all of me, Jesus.
Samantha...throw it all away.  Even the ice cream.
Do I really have to, Lord?  
If you want to worship Me with all of you, yes. (Don’t you just love how God puts us in our place when we need it?)
Okay, okay.  I will do it.
So I did.  I got the ice cream out, oh the sweet nectar of Christmas, and scooped the rest of it in the trash.  Then, I thought...well, I can always make more in a few weeks once I get my addiction under control.  This process went on and on, and one by one, God took each and every sweet snack in my house, even some of the ingredients I could make more sweets out of, and told me to give it to Him.  With each thing, I struggled thinking again how I was wasting food or how I could surely give it to someone else (Which the Lord gently reminded me: They don’t need it, either!)  As I threw each sweet in the bin, I felt a little lighter and a little freer.  I do have control over this, not by my strength, but by His.  Where I am weak, He is strong.
Until we give it all to Him, we cannot be truly healed.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Moving and Decorating ideas

After much prayer and consideration, we have decided to move to a house across town.  While I'm not necessarily looking forward to the hard work of moving, I am certainly looking forward to nesting in a new place (which will, hopefully, be more permanent this time).  The new place has a lot of things that the house we're currently living in does not have, and I am looking forward to some "upgrades."  The things I'm most excited about are:

  • An a/c
  • A dishwasher
  • A gas stove
  • A laundry room (this house has a washer in the kitchen and I have really missed having a place to put my mess).
  • A bathtub! (some days you just need a bath)
  • A laundry shoot in the bathroom.  (Some things should never have been omitted).
  • A fireplace (although it doesn't work, but it reminds me of American homes, so I'm looking forward to it).
Because I can't nest quite yet, I have been scouring Pinterest for some home ideas that I can apply in this new place.  The fireplace, like I said, doesn't work, but I thought we could still decorate it and make it look nice.  Here's one idea I liked, which I found on Melissa Junkel's "Details" board:

I thought this looked nice and doesn't have to be expensive, depending on the candles you buy.

Also, something I haven't done thus far when we've rented in Australia is hanging pictures up.  We are not allowed to nail anything into the wall, so I have hesitated a lot.  I have also received mixed messages about whether we can use 3M hooks to hang pictures, so I have just avoided it altogether.  This time, I'm going to find out specifics and see if we can go a little further with nesting by hanging some personal photos around.  I saw this on Jennifer Grozinski's "For the Home" board and loved it: 

Now, of course, we don't have children yet, but I like the shapes and the fact that she used one clear idea in displaying her photos.  When little Newmans do come around, I would love to set it up the same way.  

Something we like about moving across town is the fact that it's not far.  What we did last year and what we're doing this time is taking a week to move house and clean the previous rental.  That way, we can move things little by little with out boxes and put them into place as we go.  That way, when we officially get into the house, there will only be a small amount of arranging and moving that we need to do.  I can't wait!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Today, I gave Guster, my guinea pig, a bath.  This was my first time bathing him, so I think we were both nervous.  Gus is usually a sweet-natured, quiet guinea pig; as soon as I tried to bathe him, however, he squirmed and contorted attempting to find a finger he could chomp into.  Somehow, I succeeded in keeping my fingers free from his rodent teeth, but it was quite a scene, I'm sure.  Plus, my peacemaking heart started feeling guilty for upsetting him (HA!  How silly...)

"Sanctification means to make something clean that was dirty, in the sense of evil or selfishness; it also means to set apart to be made pure or holy, to be made clean." (Floyd McClung, the Father Heart of God; p. 70).

When we are healed and sanctified, it's not always an instantaneous process.  Healing is often a longer process, involving time and discomfort.  Like Gus, we squirm and become a vicous version of ourselves.  I know I've talked a lot about my trials in the past 2 years...and it has certainly been one of the hardest times in my life.  God has taught me that He wants us involved in our healing process.  I often try to avoid thinking about the pain, and I do think that a lot of my healing process could've gone quicker if I was more willing to sit down and think about what I'm going through.  But there are dishes, video games, pinterest, blogs, videos, social outings, and plans that distract me enough that I can put it off for one more week or day, hour or minute.

Embrace the pain.

And be honest with God.  Quite a few times, I've gotten so tired of holding all the pain in that I've broken down and confronted God with my questions...questions like "Where are You," "How am I supposed to trust you when the only dad I've known has rejected me,"  "Why does this still hurt?"  And each time, He has proven to me that He can handle all my questions, all my doubts, all my fears, and all my pain.  He is here, He is the perfect Father that will never leave or forsake me, and one day I will live with Him where there is no pain!  He can handle your questions, Dearheart.  Ask them and be open to hearing what He has to say in response.

Wishing you love and hope in your journey,

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tips for quitting your job and what it meant to me

Day 1 of Art Every Day month.
This represents what quitting my job means to me.
I started experiencing panic attacks in high school, and immediately knew that I needed to drop the thing that stressed me the most.  A lot can change in a few short weeks, and I realised last week that I needed to drop the greatest stressor in my life at this point: My job at the Tea Centre.  There are many reasons for the stress factor, and all I can really say at this point is that I began having panic attacks last week in direct relation to the job.  Thus, it had to go.  So, after realising this, I had two awful days of praying and waiting to tell the manager at the next shift.  In the time I had to think about everything, I thought of a few things that did help me in the quitting process.

  1. I believe quitting should always be done in person.  I think it's rude to quit over the phone (as I saw one girl on youtube do...such a cop out).
  2. Make sure you are making the right decision.  For me, this meant making sure that Daniel was in agreement with me.  It also meant crunching numbers with him and figuring whether or not we would be eating pork and beans over the summer if I quit and couldn't find any other work.  When we realised we'd have more than enough with out my extra income, I felt happy to consider this a green light.  Of course, I bathed the decision in prayer as well.
  3. On the day that you're going to speak to the boss or manager, make sure you feel confident.  I painted my nails, put my hair in a way that made me feel good, and took extra care in doing my make up.
  4. Rehearse what you're going to say.  I rehearsed over and over on the way to work.  This helped me when I talked to the manager, because I was prepared for some (not all, but some) of the questions and comments she had about my decision. 
  5. Try to keep positive in the last two weeks.  I have dreaded having to continue working, but it's important to finish what you've committed to.  I keep a countdown in my head (and sometimes my twitter) of how many shifts down and how many to go.  This is helping me as I cross the tea centre finish line.
Do you have any other tips for those looking to find another job?  

The above collage is my kick off for the Art Every Day month challenge.  For the month of November, I will be doing something creative every day.  Sometimes I will post my projects, and I'm hoping it will help me blog quite a bit more.  The point is to bring your creativity to another level, and I'm looking forward to this journey.  My collage for today was focused on what quitting my job means for me.  

Please let me know if you're joining the Art Every Day month challenge, especially if you're visiting to see what I'm doing each day!

Have a great week,

Friday, October 28, 2011

Art Every Day Month

I subscribe to quite a few email newsletters, and many times I take a few days to get through them properly.  Well, recently, I read through Jen's newsletter (from Artizen Coaching) and excitedly realized that I can sign up for the Art Every Day Month challenge.  This project runs through the 30 days of November, and it was created by Leah at Creative Every Day (see link above for more information).

I am excited about this challenge for several reasons.  First of all, it will help me share more about my life with you.  I have mourned the loss of consistent blogging, but I'm ready to claim my creativity back once again.  Also, I have experimented a little with painting, and I would like to explore this more.  So, I will enthusiastically take on this challenge and look forward to what I end up with.  This might mean that some days I only do a small doodle or write something in my journal, but creating is what counts.  I am looking forward to it.

If you would like to join this challenge, you can sign up at Leah's site and be added to the list.  Also, I'd love to know if you have signed up so that I can keep up with your creativity, too!  I find other's creativity inspiring, and I think we all need a creative community of some sort.

Here's to November!

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