Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Moving and Decorating ideas

After much prayer and consideration, we have decided to move to a house across town.  While I'm not necessarily looking forward to the hard work of moving, I am certainly looking forward to nesting in a new place (which will, hopefully, be more permanent this time).  The new place has a lot of things that the house we're currently living in does not have, and I am looking forward to some "upgrades."  The things I'm most excited about are:

  • An a/c
  • A dishwasher
  • A gas stove
  • A laundry room (this house has a washer in the kitchen and I have really missed having a place to put my mess).
  • A bathtub! (some days you just need a bath)
  • A laundry shoot in the bathroom.  (Some things should never have been omitted).
  • A fireplace (although it doesn't work, but it reminds me of American homes, so I'm looking forward to it).
Because I can't nest quite yet, I have been scouring Pinterest for some home ideas that I can apply in this new place.  The fireplace, like I said, doesn't work, but I thought we could still decorate it and make it look nice.  Here's one idea I liked, which I found on Melissa Junkel's "Details" board:

I thought this looked nice and doesn't have to be expensive, depending on the candles you buy.

Also, something I haven't done thus far when we've rented in Australia is hanging pictures up.  We are not allowed to nail anything into the wall, so I have hesitated a lot.  I have also received mixed messages about whether we can use 3M hooks to hang pictures, so I have just avoided it altogether.  This time, I'm going to find out specifics and see if we can go a little further with nesting by hanging some personal photos around.  I saw this on Jennifer Grozinski's "For the Home" board and loved it: 

Now, of course, we don't have children yet, but I like the shapes and the fact that she used one clear idea in displaying her photos.  When little Newmans do come around, I would love to set it up the same way.  

Something we like about moving across town is the fact that it's not far.  What we did last year and what we're doing this time is taking a week to move house and clean the previous rental.  That way, we can move things little by little with out boxes and put them into place as we go.  That way, when we officially get into the house, there will only be a small amount of arranging and moving that we need to do.  I can't wait!

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